What Are You Overlooking?

I was submitting a couple pieces to literary websites and needed to write a short author bio. I looked at the bios of other writers for ideas. 

Author X has published this and this and that is forthcoming. 

I didn’t feel like I had any published work to add and though I have writing projects I’m working on, I don’t believe they should be considered as forthcoming since I don’t know for sure when I will finish them. 

I read the submission rules and learned that work posted on a website/blog does count as published work.

Well, I thought, looking through my portfolio, there’s “My 20-Minute Inheritance”, the personal essay I wrote for Stony Brook University.

I also remembered another personal essay, “Speak”, in 2018 that was a finalist for the Brooklyn Nonfiction Prize. 

I think they posted it on their blog…? 

The organizer of the prize, the Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival, had indeed posted it on their blog.

At first I cringed at the thought of reading my earlier work, but I read it anyway. When I did, It brought back my memories of writing it as well as going to the in-person ceremony for finalists with my mom. 

This unexpected nostalgic experience caused me to consider what other past experiences I may have overlooked. Perhaps you, too, have experiences that were more amazing than you give them credit for.

You can read “Speak” here.

One thought on “What Are You Overlooking?

  1. How nice. When in doubt. It doesn’t hurt to get a second or third opinion. At the end of the day , you just believe in yourself . But be humble about it. Keep posting these amazing experiences. Can’t wait to read the next post


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