May’s monthly micro

Once a month I post a micro story (a story that is 1,000 words or less). Words are my own. Read and enjoy but don’t copy and pass off as your own. This one is especially fitting for Mother’s Day today. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and mother figures! I dedicate this to my own wonderful mom.

Through baby’s eyes:

“She’s beautiful.”

Her warm hands encircled my body and all felt right with the world. What do I call this woman? I don’t know. But her love, I can feel it already, seeping through this warm, white blanket touching my wet skin. My wet hair sticks to her chest as I listen to her heartbeat.

Through mom’s eyes:

“She’s beautiful.”

Nothing else matters now. Everything up until this moment was worth it. I don’t want to just see her through to 18 but through the rest of her life? What do I call this girl? It’s so cold in here, but I will transfer as much warmth to her as I can.

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